Breaking in product

Great product management organizations help a company set product vision and road maps, establish goals and strategy, and drive execution on each product throughout its lifecycle. 

  • Understanding the role
  • Product Principles
  • Product vision
  • Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Interview Prep

Product Management Resources

Product Management Resources

Best of best resources on product management


product management frameworks used by billion-dollar companies and millions of product managers

Mental Models

Mental models are frameworks that give people a representation of how the world works.


Objectives and key results is a goal-setting framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes

Papers and PDFs

Relatively few sr. product managers are avid readers of Computer Science and Management papers.

Case Studies

coming soon…

Product Manager’s Guide

Product management can seem like a daunting discipline, but once you get a grasp of the fundamentals, and combine that with some intuition, you’ll be on your way to leading successful projects

This is for you if:
– You are an aspiring product manager
– You don’t know how or where to start
– You’ve started working on the product role but still feel lost
– You’re none of the above but you know someone who is. 
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